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Our oil filtration service provides efficient removal of contaminants from your oil to keep your machines running smoothly. Our team of experts uses advanced filtration equipment to ensure the highest level of filtration performance and reliability.


Any substance that is not part of the operating fluid of the hydraulic system can be determined as contamination.

80% of the cause of mechanical faults that occur in hydraulic systems is known to be contamination. This knowledge leads us to the fact that by only following necessary oil conditioning procedures, the risk of mechanical failures can significantly drop to a possibility of 20%.

Every single system needs special filtration solutions and the type of solution needed depends on the specific application and the properties of the oil being filtered. Ultimately, the choice of solution will depend on the specific needs of the filtration process and the desired outcome.

Not only qualified filtration equipment but also the knowledge of filtration is the key factor in an efficient and accurate filtration process.

Toros is the one-stop-shop on offering dedicated solutions with application expertise.


  • High-quality filter media for effective removal of contaminants
  • Advanced filtration equipment for efficient and thorough oil filtration
  • Customized solutions for specific oil filtration needs
  • Experienced team of experts to provide reliable service and support



Oil Filtration & Tank Cleaning

Especially in the newly established systems, this cleaning operation with chemical liquids is carried out before is started for system performance and proper operation.


Measurement & Analysis

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The high pressure duplex filters of HDD series have a change-over valve type and are suitable for a working pressure up to 4,568 psi (315 bar). Duplex filters can be serviced without interruption of operation.
Kit Includes: Launcher CE1-U, Adapter Ring AR1, Owners Handbook, Toolbox, Quick Release Coupling QRC-CE, Nozzles (30)
The innovative, magnetically coupled driving technology that moves the cleaning disc — without the need for shaft or drive external seals — makes MCF magnetically coupled filter unique.

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