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The aim of oil management is not to change the oil, but to increase its usable life and ensure that the system operates with the appropriate oil under continuous conditions, so that the most efficient performance and lifespan can be achieved with mineral oil through proper management of this process. The most important point here is to identify the factors that cause the oil to deteriorate and eliminate them.

Yes, we provide consultancy and training along with measurement, control, and analysis services.

Every hydraulic and lubrication system has its own cleanliness value by means of ISO4406 and/or NAS1638 standards. Those below this dedicated value described by international standards are considered clean, and those above it are considered dirty.

There is an oil cleanliness value according to the most sensitive equipment used in the system. NAS 4 for servo systems, NAS 8~10 levels for systems using low-pressure gear pumps can be examples.

The oil analysis period can be determined between 3 and 12 months, depending on the system's sensitivity.

Particulate contamination, water contamination, and viscosity are the primary values, along with any necessary system-specific measurements defined by a professional.

The target process will vary depending on the amount of water in the oil and the type of oil, so the PLC touch screen will determine the resulting humidity ratio based on the sensor data on the unit.

Yes, we perform all kinds of oil analyses in the field, in our own laboratory using calibration-certified devices, and with our accredited partners, depending on the scope of the analysis.

Flushing should be done during the commissioning phase of a new system or within the scope of maintenance processes.

You can start by participating in one of our general or company-specific training and seminars.

We have varnishing detection analyses available, and you can contact the Toros technical team for system-specific solutions.


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