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Toros partners with reputable filtration brands to offer a wide range of quality products for your machine maintenance needs. Our selection features only the best brands, ensuring that you get the highest quality solutions to optimize your machines.


For more than 50 years the employees of Bühler Technologies have been developing, manufacturing and distributing components and system solutions in the “Gas Analysis” and “Fluid Control divisions. By specializing in the market of Gas Analysis and Hydraulics and by offering a complete range of products for each, Bühler have succeeded to become a worldwide leader in both disciplines.

Toros is a proud partner of Bühler Fluid Control division since 2022.

In close co-operation with Curtin University and the government, the Compri Tube Clean system, Contaminator Eliminator System (CES), began its development in 1972, in Perth, west Australia.

The technologically advanced product range of Compri offers a dry cleaning process for hose, tube and pipes; eliminating the need to use chemicals and solvent flushing.

Toros is an authorized distributor of Compri products since 2014.


Delta-Xero manufactures offline fluid conditioning systems for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and other operating fluids used in energy, construction, marine, waste management and manufacturing.

The patented nano filtration technology removes water, sloxane, varnish, particulates and salts from hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and fuel oil down to 0,1 mm particle size, well below ISO 4406 (ASTMD975) limits.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Delta-Xero products since 2019.


Internormen was established in 1972 in Mannheim, Germany. Company focuses on Fluid Cleanliness, Detection and Removal. Acquired by Eaton in 2011, Eaton Internormen currently offers a selection of 4000 different filter elements, including corresponding filter housings. The product line includes a wide range of filters in single and duplex versions that is widely considered as the industry standard.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Eaton Internormen products since 1998.


Fluitec is a team of diverse and internationally recognized experts with a track record for delivering innovative solutions. The expertise centers around increasing the reliability and profitability of manufacturing plants, rotating equipment and transportation industries.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Fluitec products since 2021.


Global Filter offers products that and solutions to help make the world safer, healthier, & more productive.  Being a customer-focused organization, Global Filter always seeks ways to improve and provide customers with the best level of service possible.

Global Filter’s filtration solutions have been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and industries where liquid filtration is required.

Toros is a proud partner of Global Filter since 2014.

Hy-Pro Filtration manufactures world class filtration materials for the hydraulic and lubrication system and fuel, especially diesel. With 2 locations in USA (Anderson and Vancouver) the main objective is to optimize the reliability of clients’ assets. The 3 targets are removing solid particles, water (free and dissolved) and all forms of oxidation by-products.

Hy-Pro has developed a full range of products that are proven to handle industry’s toughest contamination challenges. Experienced in lubrication, filtration and fluid power, Hy-Pro team carry the highest industry certifications including CFPS and CLS.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Hy-Pro products since 2019.


Meclube is an industrial company manufacturing lubrication equipment for every specific requirement; providing the best collaboration experience to the customers and working to grow with them. Meclube is a young and dynamic company, but it has already all the knowhow and the experience of qualified personnel, and its main targets are the service to the customer (especially the after-sale assistance) and the quality.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Meclube products since 2016.


Founded in 2006, Membrane Solutions is a world-renowned supplier of membrane filtration products. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It is committed to providing various products and solutions in the process of filtration, separation and purification. Membrane Solutions has the most comprehensive membrane making core technology, covering microfiltration membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, nanofiltration membranes and RO membranes, and the materials include PES, PVDF, PTFE and Nylon.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Membrane Solutions products since 2012.

NexJen Technologies was founded by a chemical engineer with over 14 years experience in the metalworking/pretreatment industry and an executive in the consumer goods industry in Ohio, USA.

This dedicated and innovative solution of NexJen offers a brand-new industry standard.

Toros is a proud partner of NexJen since 2013.


Des-Case, a global reliability provider, serves its customers with leading, innovative products and services that enhance equipment reliability and increase profitability. 

RMF Systems is an entity and brand of Des-Case, headquartered in Waddinxveen, NL and servicing the EMEA market. For more than 35 years, Des-Case/RMF Systems have enjoyed an excellent reputation for their products and service quality, dependability, and business integrity.

Toros is the authorized distributor of RMF Systems / Des-Case products since 2015.


Settima Meccanica was established in 1978, with the aim of producing high technology three screw pumps for the lift & elevators industry, capable of minimizing noise emissions and pulsations in hydraulic circuits. Over time the continuous attention to customer needs has led the company to gain experience in various fields, increasing the product portfolio and becoming the leading manufacturer of no noise pumps, both for low & high pressure applications. 

Toros is the authorized distributor of Settima products since 2000.


Founded in 1878 Gebr. Steimel today manufactures pumps and centrifuges for industrial applications in Hennef with approx. 200 employees and sells them worldwide.

For the feeding of numerous media, such as sea water for the cooling of large engines, paints and varnishes, bitumen, chocolate masses, foodstuffs, as well as lubricating oils and fats, Gebr. Steimel develops and produces different pump types.

Depending on customer requirements, individual machines and complex systems are designed, constructed and manufactured for the intended purpose

Toros is a proud partner of Steimel since 2005.

Tan Delta is UK based globally operating company with over a decade of equipment health analysis monitoring experience and expertise. Proactive equipment management delivers proven benefits that include reduced maintenance costs, reduced breakdowns, extended equipment life and reduced carbon footprint.

Toros is the authorized distributor of Tan Delta products since 2020.


Founded in 1983 by Ralf Uhl, Universal Hydraulik started as a representative for Racine from Bosch, USA. Shortly thereafter, the representation for Thermal Transfer Products for Europe and Middle East was added. In 2002, own production of Heat Exchangers in Czech Republic started under the name of Universal Hydraulik.

Toros is a proud partner of Universal Hydraulik since 2005.

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