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Equip your team with the knowledge they need to properly maintain your machines with our training services. Our experts provide customized training to meet your unique needs, empowering your team to ensure maximum machine performance.


At Toros Filtrasyon, we are dedicated to helping our customers to achieve their goals, so our experienced team is ready to provide you with the training and consultation services you need for success. Experience and productivity are what define us- let us show you how!

With over 26 years of experience in oil management, we are able to provide you with the best offers and solutions for your performance. Our correct strategy and technique will help increase your efficiency as well as reduce costs. We guarantee that our services will exceed expectations so that you can focus on what matters most: achieving success.

You can ensure the development of your employees with the training program that we will create specifically for your company’s needs.


  • Customized training programs to meet unique needs
  • Empowerment of team members with the knowledge and skills necessary for proper maintenance
  • Improved machine performance and efficiency through proper maintenance
  • Experienced trainers with a deep understanding of oil management and machine maintenance



Oil Filtration & Tank Cleaning

Especially in the newly established systems, this cleaning operation with chemical liquids is carried out before is started for system performance and proper operation.


Measurement & Analysis

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The longest lasting breather on the market. High-quality umbrella check-valves that won’t clog or stick are located underneath the unit for added protection from washdown environments. Check-valves isolate equipment from ambient conditions prolonging breather life, and protecting system integrity.
The pressure filters of the series MDV are suitable for a working pressure up to 2,900 psi (200 bar).
Eaton´s medium pressure filters of the Series MNU can handle a maximum pressure of 3,600 psi (248 bar) and are equipped with filter elements according to DIN 24550, T3.

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