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Our pickling services offer effective solutions for preserving the longevity of your equipment. Our specialized pickling solutions help to remove impurities and protect against corrosion, ensuring that your machinery is protected from the damaging effects of rust and other environmental factors. 


Similar to the Flushing process, Pickling is the desired method for the contaminants impossible to be removed from the system via Flushing. However, this is a pretreatment procedure prior to High-Velocity Oil Flushing mainly to remove tenacious contaminants ranging from rust, varnish residue, pipe scale, welding slag and metal shavings.

Pickling process can be based on aggressive chemicals (such as acid) or water-based chemicals whichever would be the best fit solution for the dedicated application. This decision should follow the internal study evaluating the material of piping, description of the contamination, site conditions and budget.

In contrast to the need of turbulence flow on High-Velocity Oil Flushing, Pickling is based on constant flow which should be calculated as per above mentioned internal study. The process also needs dedicated equipment like pumps, filters, heaters and similar

Considering the use of aggressive fluids like acid in this process, Pickling is definitely an experience required application which should be managed by competent professionals not to witness any type of threat on human health or environment.


  • Thorough cleaning and corrosion removal for machines
  • Prolonged machine life through preservation and maintenance
  • Customized pickling solutions to meet specific machine needs
  • Experienced team of experts to perform pickling services



Oil Filtration & Tank Cleaning

Especially in the newly established systems, this cleaning operation with chemical liquids is carried out before is started for system performance and proper operation.


Measurement & Analysis

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The new air-operated grease pumps patented, fully designed and manufactured by MECLUBE, show remarkable operating features.
Eaton’s clogging indicators reliably monitor filter clogging caused by particulate accumulation in hydraulic and lubricating oil filters. The clogging indicators easily integrate into automatic control systems, and ensure continuous contamination control.
The Des-Case Extreme Duty (XD) desiccant breather has excellent vibration and impact resistance, can withstand broad temperature ranges, has expansive chemical compatibility, and features quality check valve technology while still accommodating higher air flow.

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