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Our measurement and analysis services use data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions about your equipment. We offer a range of measurement and analysis services, including oil analysis, fluid analysis, and vibration analysis, to help you identify potential problems before they cause equipment failure.


Much like blood in the human cardiovascular system, oil is the main asset which carries the data about the lubrication/hydraulic system only if interpretation is done correctly. 

Maintenance programs start with the right test, at the right time and to the right standard. Determining the necessary analysis program along with comprehensive interpretations of the oil condition and remaining lifetime to optimize, Toros brings certainty and predictability to the maintenance program.

There are several test packages pre-determined for:

  1. Turbine Oil
  2. Hydraulic Oil
  3. Lubrication Oil

Rather than only sending oil samples to a lab, it is crucial to lead this process from A to Z:

  1. How to take an oil sample
  2. Determine correct testing
  3. How to read an oil analysis report
  4. Build up a proactive fluid maintenance & monitoring 


Toros lab portal is the dedicated platform for Oil Analysis Management.


  • Cutting-edge technology for data collection and analysis
  • Comprehensive analysis of machine performance data to identify issues
  • Informed decision-making for optimal machine performance
  • Detailed reports and insights to help prevent future issues



Oil Filtration & Tank Cleaning

Especially in the newly established systems, this cleaning operation with chemical liquids is carried out before is started for system performance and proper operation.


Measurement & Analysis

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Visual clogging indicators show when a filter element is clogged, and how clogged it is. They are meant for high-traffic areas where they can be observed on a regular basis.
SSBH series side entry bag filter housing is a kind of pressure type filter device, which mainly consists of three parts: filter housing, filter basket and filter bag, with compact and simple structure.
Twin unit screw pumps for oil and fuel handling, engineered and tested also for low sulphur content FOTP pumping system is a fuel oil handling pump designed mainly for Marine and Power Generation industries, especially for burner boosting systems and burner injections (shipyards and power plants). The pumping system handles common diesel, MDO, MGO, Low sulphur MDO, HFO, Bunker oil.

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