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Our flushing service provides thorough cleaning of your machines’ internal components, removing debris and other contaminants that can hinder their performance. Our experts use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure the highest level of cleaning and machine health.


Critical rotating equipment hydraulic and lube oil systems demand stringent cleanliness tolerances that must be maintained to optimize equipment performance. System contaminants ranging from pipe scale, welding slag, metal shavings, dirt, dust and water compromise system operation, reliability, and the potential equipment lifetime.

High Velocity Oil Flushing is an industry best practice for meeting OEM oil system cleanliness specifications. Higher turbulent flow rates are demanded to force contaminants, including large debris and small particles, out of the system. Laminar flow, or regular system flow, does not result in the required agitation, contributing to deadheads and costly downtime. Through high flow turbulent oil flushing services, flows more than two to three times the regular flow rate of the system’s pumps can be achieved. Using auxiliary pumps and jumpers to bypass system restrictions of a lubricating system, the process rapidly removes contaminants from fluid systems.

High Velocity Oil Flushing is a turn-key service managed by Toros professionals providing customized flushing packages/configurations to quickly meet specification and rapidly clean up systems.

When to consider High-Velocity Oil Flushing Services:

  1. Newly installed systems
  2. Preventative maintenance
  3. Contamination
  4. Oil change-out
  5. Excessive bearing wear
  6. Catastrophes


  • Thorough cleaning of internal components of machines
  • Customized flushing solutions to meet specific machine needs
  • Improved machine performance and efficiency
  • Experienced team of experts to perform flushing services



Oil Filtration & Tank Cleaning

Especially in the newly established systems, this cleaning operation with chemical liquids is carried out before is started for system performance and proper operation.


Measurement & Analysis

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Eaton´s electronic filter clogging indicator of the VS5 series enables users to minimize machinery downtime and improve their operational processes.
LMH series multicore sanitary liquid filter housing series can meet the flow requirements of different sizes and can be equipped with different numbers and specifications of filter cartridges according to different flow requirements.
The dual cleaning disc and twin actuator design of the DCF 3000 mechanically cleaned filter can be fabricated in a variety of materials and options with temperatures up to 222 °C.

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