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At Toros, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions to meet your unique needs. That’s why we offer more than 200 products from well-established brands around the world. From hydraulic filters and elements to process filtration products and accessories, our products will help you optimize your machines for maximum performance.


Delta-Xero offers a range of offline filtration systems, using the unique, patented Delta-Xero cartridge they are capable of filtration down to 0.1 micron; removing varnish, particulates, siloxane and water from operating fluids and fuels.
Toros vacuum dehydration systems remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, free and dissolved gases, and solid contaminants to increase reliability, life, and efficiency of hydraulic & lubrication systems. They have been developed for different viscosity ranges, from transformer to heavy gear lubricating oils.
Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, DECON quickly dissolves varnish and organic deposits from machine internals, effectively decontaminating your material assets. It reduces the oil’s varnish potential and offers long-term protection against deposits and sludge.
The KL series desiccant breathers are well suited for vibration and harsh environments, while also providing serviceability and high dirt holding capacity.
The RMF By-Pass Units are especially designed for mobile application in hydraulic and/or transmission systems. RMF By-pass filter units can be fitted to every imaginable mobile application where hydraulic and/or transmission systems are present.
The longest lasting breather on the market. High-quality umbrella check-valves that won’t clog or stick are located underneath the unit for added protection from washdown environments. Check-valves isolate equipment from ambient conditions prolonging breather life, and protecting system integrity.
Take a proactive approach to water ingression with the market’s first connected and most accurate breather.
Des-Case Non-Desiccant breathers prevent contamination ingress in low humidity environments or in applications where water-based fluids are in use (e.g. water glycol hydraulic fluid).
Des-Case Rebuildable Steel (RS) breathers were designed specifically for applications, such as bulk storage tanks or large circulating lube oil systems, where there are very high temperatures, extremely polluted air, or a corrosive environment.
The TDB series is equipped to function in the harshest environments. It is fully serviceable, provides high dirt holding capacity, and includes an integrated anti-splash device to prevent oil from reaching the desiccant.
The ACM / ACL Series is suitable for mobile and industrial applications because of its lightweight, rugged body.
Des-Case HydroGuard® breathers uniquely feature an expansion chamber and internal check valves that create a nearly-sealed system.
The Des-Case Extreme Duty (XD) desiccant breather has excellent vibration and impact resistance, can withstand broad temperature ranges, has expansive chemical compatibility, and features quality check valve technology while still accommodating higher air flow.
Des-Case Extended Series® desiccant breathers combine the trusted materials and design of our Standard breathers with the check-valves of our VentGuard™ and HydroGuard® breathers, plus a new oil mist reducing feature, higher air flows and more than double the desiccant!
Des-Case VentGuard™ breathers have check-valve technology that isolates the system and only ‘breathes’ when necessary, making them an ideal solution to protect low-flow applications with intermittent operations.
Des-Case Standard breathers provide simple, yet dependable protection from moisture and particulate contamination in lubricants and equipment across multiple industries and applications.
The Vacuum Dehydration Units remove liquid, gas and solid contamination, which are corrosive and contribute to the reduction of machine life. The Maxi Water Vac offers protection against malfunctions, break downs and total failures.
The Vacuum Dehydration Units remove liquid, gas and solid contamination, which are corrosive and contribute to the reduction of machine life. The Mini Water Vac offers protection against malfunctions, break downs and total failures.
Compact, portable and customized for your application, the drum topper is an option you can carry wherever you need to go.
This cart is ideal for pre-cleaning, protecting, and transferring oil from a conveniently attachable, secured drum.
Oil Transfer Containers provide the first best practice solution to keep oil clean and dry during oil transfer.
The Des-Case Mobile Utility Cart is the latest offering in fluid storage and handling products to improve process equipment reliability and extend lubricant life.
Our tote adapter keeps your stored lubricants free of water and particulate contamination, even during transfer.
Protect and filter your drums right as they enter your plant and during storage with the easy-to-use drum adapter kit.
Simple, stackable and easy storage meets solid contamination control practices in a unique design with the Des-Case LT-Series Lubricant Management System (LT-LMS).
The Oil Sight Glass Level Monitor (OSGL) allows you to view oil color, clarity and accumulation of water or other contaminants while monitoring the level of the oil in the reservoir.
The Oil Level Indicator (OLI) was developed in response to the need of maintenance professionals to gauge the oil level inside large tanks, gearboxes and reservoirs.
Often referred to as BS&W bowl (bottom sediment and water bowl), our Oil Sight Glass (OSG) can play a critical role in early detection of contamination and allow for constant monitoring of what’s in your oil that can decrease equipment life.
The 3-D BullsEye, is an oil sight glass made of a high performance transparent polyamide, allows immediate and accurate visual oil level monitoring from virtually any angle.
The moisture content sensor (MCS) is suitable for most hydraulic and lubricating fluids. The high accuracy of the measurement and excellent long-term stability make the MCS ideal for online monitoring of moisture in transformer, lubricating and hydraulic fluid, as well as diesel fuel.
A compact, lightweight and budget-friendly particle counter featuring twin laser technology for accurate insight into oil cleanliness levels in your equipment.
The Portable Laser Particle Counter makes it possible to detect the ISO Cleanliness levels of the hydraulic media.
The CMS in-line contamination monitor automatically measures and displays particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in various hydraulic fluids.

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