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At Toros, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions to meet your unique needs. That’s why we offer more than 200 products from well-established brands around the world. From hydraulic filters and elements to process filtration products and accessories, our products will help you optimize your machines for maximum performance.


Delta-Xero offers a range of offline filtration systems, using the unique, patented Delta-Xero cartridge they are capable of filtration down to 0.1 micron; removing varnish, particulates, siloxane and water from operating fluids and fuels.
Toros vacuum dehydration systems remove free, emulsified and dissolved water, free and dissolved gases, and solid contaminants to increase reliability, life, and efficiency of hydraulic & lubrication systems. They have been developed for different viscosity ranges, from transformer to heavy gear lubricating oils.
Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, DECON quickly dissolves varnish and organic deposits from machine internals, effectively decontaminating your material assets. It reduces the oil’s varnish potential and offers long-term protection against deposits and sludge.
The display unit has a menu structure following the VDMA (German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) standard specification 245741 and provides freely programmable as well as continuous signals. The remote display is designed for simple installation on a series rail. Pressure ratings up to 600 bars / 8700 psi.
Monitoring the oil pressure is essential in hydraulic systems and oil supply systems. The measurement of maximum or minimum pressure has a direct effect on the safety of the system, the functionality or process reliability, just to name a few examples.
The BCI 24-Dx monitors the pressure difference in in-line filters and technically corresponds to a microprocessorcontrolled pressure sensor with 2 switching outputs for advance warning (filter element nearly depleted) and cut-out (filter element full).
These water alarm units working on the principle of interface level measurement serve the reliable detection of free water in applications with a high rate of water penetration.
Reliable display of interface level of oil and free water. Small reaction volume; therefore, also recommended for smaller oil tanks.
Water or moisture is just as much an undesired parameter in hydraulic and lubrication systems as particles and air and can cause significant system damage. The Bühler Condition Monitoring Water Sensor (BCM-W) was designed specifically to continuously monitor the water content of oil whilst also measuring the temperature.
The CM Terminal offers the basis for combining various CM sensors in an easy to see location. Their outputs allow compatible information networking to the master system.
The BCM-MS capacitively measures the relative humidity in the medium to ensure reliable information about the saturation level of the oil.
The Bühler condition monitoring liquid level sensor (BCM-LS) was designed specifically to continuously monitor the relative humidity, temperature, permittivity, conductivity and liquid level in oil tanks.
The BMD-100 is a mart sensor and based on the inductive measuring system to properly sort the ferritic particles in the respective fluid. It can distinguish between fine and coarse ferromagnetic particles.
The BPM-100 visually detects particles and uses the principle of light obscuration to properly sort the particles in the respective fluid. Meaning a laser inside the measuring cell rates the particles based on size and quantity. It has the classifications according to common purity classes and features a large range of output signals sent by the switching output.

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