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TSBH series top entry bag filter housing adopts side-in and bottom-out design. The filter bag is supported by a metal mesh basket inside. The liquid enters from the inlet and flows out after being filtered by the filter bag. The housing body is made of 304 stainless steel with sandblasted surface, which is not easy to rust, and the top cover and the head and neck are made of one-piece molded parts, which are not easy to deformation and side leakage, and have good pressure resistance. It is suitable for replacing the traditional core type filtering products in many fields with the outstanding advantages of large flux, convenient operation and economical consumables, especially suitable for the filtration of viscous liquid and occasions where no leakage is required, and can meet the requirements of a variety of high-precision filtration conditions.


Category: Process Filters
Subcategory: Bag Filter Housings
Pressure: bar


  • The filtrate flows from the top cover without turbulent flow, reducing pressure loss and effectively protecting the filter bag.
  • The upper end cap is casting, and the pipeline from the inlet to the top is in the form of expansion, reducing the flow rate and the impact on the filter bag.
  • Three support threads at the bottom, height adjustable, good stability, easy installation.
  • The filter bag is directly pressed and sealed by the upper end cap, and the sealing effect is better than the standard pressure plate sealing method, with high reliability and no leakage.
  • Safe and convenient filter bag replacement.



Eaton’s MAXILINE MBF HE multi-bag filter housing is user-friendly, cost-effective and designed for high volume, multiple applications and processes.
The dual cleaning disc and twin actuator design of the DCF 3000 mechanically cleaned filter can be fabricated in a variety of materials and options with temperatures up to 222 °C.
Eaton´s stainless steel duplex pressure filter series EDWF have a working pressure up to 232 psi (16 bar). A changeover ball valve between the two filter housings makes it possible to switch from the dirty filter side to the clean filter side without interrupting operation.

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