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SSBH series side entry bag filter housing is a kind of pressure type filter device, which mainly consists of three parts: filter housing, filter basket and filter bag, with compact and simple structure. The liquid to be filtered enters through the inlet of the filter housing, flows through the filter bag, and flows out from the outlet of the filter housing after being intercepted by the filter bag. The inlet and outlet design adopts side-in and bottom-out mode, which is convenient for cleaning. Different removal ratings depend on the filter bags of different precision. This product is very suitable for filtration occasions with demanding cleanliness requirements such as bio-pharmaceuticals, food and beverage fine chemicals, etc.


Category: Process Filters
Subcategory: Bag Filter Housings
Pressure: bar




BECO INTEGRA CART cartridge housings are manufactured of stainless steel AISI 316L and can be applied within the filtration of liquids with high flow rates in Life Science applications.
The clogging indicator OE from Eaton is a combined visual and electrical pressure difference indicator for explosion proof applications. The clogging indicators easily integrate into automatic control systems, and ensure continuous contamination control.
Water or moisture is just as much an undesired parameter in hydraulic and lubrication systems as particles and air and can cause significant system damage. The Bühler Condition Monitoring Water Sensor (BCM-W) was designed specifically to continuously monitor the water content of oil whilst also measuring the temperature.

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