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DCF 2000

DCF 2000 motor driven self-cleaning filter system is designed specifically to address the challenges associated with filtering coatings and slurries for the paper making industry.

DCF 400/ 800/ 1600

Considered the most efficient mechanically cleaned filter on the market, the Eaton DCF-Series is ideal for highly viscous, abrasive, or sticky liquids.


Pipe scale, rust, iron sulfide, sand and other solids build-up in closed-loop amine systems fouling flash drums, heat exchangers, strippers, re-boilers, and carbon filters.


The AFR Industrial Filter is a unique, expandable circular design for increased capacity in a compact one-square-meter footprint.


The simple design and quick-element access of the AFC-Series Tubular Backwash Filter can significantly reduce the time and effort required to maintain, change elements and reconnect the unit’s valves.


Eaton’s TOPLINE single bag filter stainless steel housing is at the top of its class – from its high-performance design to its investment-cast components.


A SIDELINE bag filter housing vessel from Eaton is a full-featured investment-cast filter vessel with an ASME Code Stamp.


The PROLINE 150 HE Series features a low profile design with side inlet and tangential outlet that provides easy and full drainage and reduces housing height to make filter bag change-outs easier.


Eaton’s POLYLINE single bag filter housing is constructed with glass fiber reinforced polypropylene or PVDF.


Eaton’s MODULINE multi-bag filter housing system allows for continuous filtration and larger flow rates. This flexible system provides a compact and efficient assembly from two to eight single bag

filter housings. Its space-saving design can be readily expanded with additional housing units and extra banks.

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